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Classic Landscape architectural planning & estimating

Classic Landscape architectural planning & estimating
See more examples of planning in the 'Image gallery' and get more details at
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 Landscape plan options from Classic Nursery & Landscape Co. 

At Classic, we offer a variety of options for you to “see” your landscape renovation before work begins. Your project can be described in many ways; from simple proposals with marker painted lines sprayed on the ground to small sketches, more comprehensive landscape architectural plans or fully realized color animations. All of our efforts start with a complimentary estimate in order to set a budget and describe the work. 

Please note that landscape plans cannot be purchased online. See our website at for more detail about our planning services or contact us at [email protected] if you would like one of our talented design staff to contact you.

Here are some options in order of the degree of investment: 

1. Full color plan and animation set: Our most sophisticated presentation offers you a real ability to ‘see’ your project in great detail, move through it in real time and explore options for a variety of photo-realistically presented design elements. Most of these design packages will include a full plan, concept images, an attendant estimate with optional items and a YouTube posted video walkthrough of a concept of the completed work. 

This type of presentation might be considered when a complex outdoor structure is desired or in a situation in which the budget investment exceeds $40K. The investment ranges from $1800-2400+ for an animation set and includes a plan and estimate revision. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery based upon season     

2. The Presentation Plan: Investing in a formal plan enables you to see all of the design ideas in detail. This is useful when considering a complex project that might be completed in three or more phases or projects that exceed a $30K investment. When we put together a site specific landscape architectural plan, we measure your entire property and present ideas to you on a 24x36” sheet. Accompanied with a comprehensive estimate, this effort will also include a complimentary revision. Please allow 3-6 weeks based upon the season. Prices range from $900-1800.00+ depending upon complexity.     
3. The ‘Pre-project’ Plan: Pre-approve a project estimate and installation agreement and invest in the formal plan above, but instead of just buying a plan, apply half of your design payment toward your project as a deposit. All of the planning is done as noted in the ‘Presentation Plan’ above, but we will also pre-schedule an approximate start date for the installation work to begin, pending your review and approval of the plan. (Available for projects of $20,000+ pretax only with signature on installation agreement). 

4. Digital concept image: We can provide ‘before and after’ digital images. These are concept ideas that can give an idea of before & after construction. Prices range from $300-600.00+ depending upon complexity.     

5. The Signature Sketch: Simply approve your proposal and we will provide simple sketches of the design ideas at no additional charge. Pre-scheduling a start date, we then prepare a sketch or two. Review and approve the sketches (or if requested, they can be revised again), and we 
will get started on the project.

6. The Marking Paint Meeting: Review your upcoming proposal and contact us for a followup meeting. We meet again, answer questions and use biodegradable survey paint to outline elements on the ground for you. This is a free and fast way to accurately envision a patio, wall, garden bed, steps or other design ideas. 

Helpful links: Proposal or plan?
         The Classic plan:
*Note: ‘pre-deposit’ plans are non-refundable or transferable. 
See your design agreement for more detail

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